To learn more about the Documents add-in for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

The Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint add-in allows users to save documents directly to a client folder in the Documents application. The add-in is compatible with the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint desktop and online applications.

System requirements

Here are the system requirements to have the Documents add-in for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to run properly with CCH iFirm:

  • Operating system – Windows 10, version 1903 or higher;
  • Office version – Microsoft 365, version 16.0.11629 or higher.
  • Earlier versions of Windows/Office use IE11, which is no longer supported by CCH iFirm or Microsoft. You must update your operating system and/or your Office version. Alternatively, you can install Microsoft Edge WebView2, which will allow the add-in to work.
  • The installation of the add-in is not supported via MS Store at this time.

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Install the Documents add-in for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Settings - Installation

  1. Click Settings > Installation.
  2. Click Documents Add-in for Microsoft 365.
    The iFirm_DMS_Office_Addin.xml file will be downloaded to the Download folder.
  3. To proceed with the installation, please refer to the appropriate procedure based on the Word, Excel and PowerPoint version being used.

Install the add-in for the desktop version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint

There are three distinct steps required for the installation of the add-in for desktop applications.

  1. Share a folder
    • In File Explorer on the Windows computer where you want to host your add-in, go to the parent folder (or drive letter) of the folder you want to use as your shared folder catalogue.
    • Open the context menu for the folder you want to use as your shared folder catalogue (right-click the folder) and choose Properties.
    • Within the Properties dialog window, click the Sharing tab and select the Share button.
    • Within the Network access dialog window, add yourself and any other users and/or groups with whom you want to share your add-in. The Read/Write permission will need to be granted to the folder. After you have finished choosing people to share the add-in with, click the Share button.

    • When you see confirmation that Your folder is shared, make a note of the full network path that's displayed immediately following the folder name. Click the Done button to close the Network access dialog window.

    • Click the Close button to close the Properties dialog window.
  2. Define the shared folder as a trusted catalogue - Configure the trust level manually

    • Open a new document in Excel, Word or PowerPoint.
    • Click the File tab and choose Options.
    • Choose Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings.
    • Choose Trusted Add-in Catalogs.
    • In the Catalog Url box, enter the full network path to the folder that you shared previously as per step 1 above. If you failed to note the folder's full network path when you shared the folder, you can get it from the folder's Properties dialog window.
    • After you've entered the full network path of the folder into the Catalog Url box, click the Add catalog button.
    • Tick the Show in Menu check box for the newly added item, then click the OK button to close the Trust Center dialog window.

    • Click the OK button to close the Options dialog window.

    • Ensure you close and reopen the Office application so your changes will take effect.

  3. Install add-in from Word, Excel and PowerPoint

    • Open a new document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

    • Click Insert, then click Get Add-ins.
    • Click SHARED FOLDER, select your add-in, and click the Add button.
      • You may need to click Refresh in order to see the add-in.

Installation of the add-in for Office 365 online Word, Excel or PowerPoint

  1. Click Insert, then click Add-ins.
  2. Click Upload My Add-in, then click Browse in the pop-up window.
  3. Select the add-in you want to install and click Open.
  4. Click Upload; the add-in will install.

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Establish the connection to your CCH iFirm site

Once the add-in is installed, the CCH iFirm button will be displayed on the Data ribbon in Excel, the References ribbon in Word and the Insert ribbon in PowerPoint.




  1. Click CCH iFirm.
  2. Click Next to establish a connection.
  3. To connect to your CCH iFirm site, enter your username and password and click Login. If applicable, enter the authentication code for multi-factor authentication purposes.
  4. Click Yes to grant access.

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