Learn about the Email Centre

The Email Centre displays client-related e-mails as well as some key internal e-mails.

There are two security roles relating to the Email Centre:

  • Email Centre - View header info and resend - this is a limited role. Users can access the e-mail centre, view the header information of the list of e-mails, and resend undelivered e-mails.
  • Email Centre - View email content and resend - this role gives users full access to the Email Centre where they can view the header information for e-mails, view the content of e-mails and resend e-mails.

To access the Email Centre, click Settings > Email Centre.

The types of e-mails that are displayed may include: invoices and statements sent to clients from Jobs & Billing, registration requests sent from Portal and internal e-mails sent by CCH iFirm to its users, such as when a new user is added or when a password is reset, client note reminders and Jobs & Billing progress alerts.

All e-mails have a status. When a user clicks the Send button on an e-mail form, a row is added to the Email Centre grid. If CCH iFirm determines that the e-mail address is not valid, the status is set to Invalid. While the e-mail is being sent, the status is pending, but as soon as the e-mail service has reported that an e-mail was sent, the status is changed to Sent. If the e-mail is undelivered, the status is changed to Error.

You can do a search in the Email Centre by entering the name of a person to find all the e-mails that have been sent to that person. You can expand the search box to filter the grid by category, so you can see the e-mails that are most relevant to you.

The All tab displays the e-mails of all statuses. The Undelivered tab only shows e-mails with the Error status , so you can easily see what needs to be resent and then resend the e-mails in bulk.

You can click any column header to sort the e-mails:

  • Date Sent - the date and time a user clicked the Send button on the e-mail form. The list is in descending order.
  • Category - shows the area of CCH iFirm that the e-mail was sent from. For example, e-mails created in Jobs & BillingInvoices will be shown here as Invoices.
  • Name - the name of the person to whom the e-mail was sent to. You can click the name to open the contact record.
  • Sent To - the e-mail address(es) that the e-mail was sent to.
  • Subject - the information from the subject field of the e-mail.
  • Status - the status of the e-mail.