Learn about CCH iFirm Intranet

CCH iFirm Intranet is a central, searchable storage module of all practice policies, procedures and standard templates where you can create your own procedures. You can create your own knowledge base by adding industry newsletters, industry reports and RSS feeds - and all this information is easily accessible and shareable across your firm. You can also use your Intranet site as a central communication hub within your firm.

Before you begin using your Intranet site, you must complete the CCH iFirm set up tasks.

There are two types of users in Intranet:

  • Administrator - the person who sets up and manages Intranet - read the Administrator tasks pages for more information.
  • Users - staff members who use Intranet - read the Using Intranet pages for more information.

The Intranet module is fully integrated into Jobs & Billing, ensuring that all team members use the same templates to create standard documents such as letters, documents and reports. This not only saves time in formatting, but also avoids unnecessary duplication of efforts. If your firm has set up up job code tags on content, you can access procedures and checklists from a panel in the Jobs & Billing Job Details page. Click a document title to access the document.