About the Client Letter Editor

The letter editor offers various tools that allow you to define the content of letters to clients as well as to format and layout these letters.

These tools allow you to perform several tasks such as:

To increase your workspace in the letter, you can:

  • minimize the tool bar by clicking on ;
  • use the full screen mode of your browser by pressing the F11 key on the keyboard or by clicking on the button in your browser (on the far right of the address bar), then by clicking on .

Tool bar



Icon Description
Modifies the font type
Modifies the font size
Increases the font size
Decreases the font size
Puts the selected text in UPPERCASE, lowercase or other case
Puts the selected text in bold
Puts the selected text in italics
Underlines the selected text
Draws a line through the selected text
Creates small letters above the text line
Creates small letters under the text line
Changes the colour of the font
Highlights the selected text
Completely erases the formatting of the selection and only keeps the plain text

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Icon Description
Starts a bullet list
Starts a numbered list
Starts a multi-level list
Decreases the indentation of the paragraph
Increases the indentation of the paragraph
Displays paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols
Aligns the text to the left
Aligns the text in the centre
Aligns the text to the right
Aligns the text to both the left and right margins (justified text)
Changes the spacing between text lines
Modifies the background of the selected text

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Icon Description
Searches in the document
Selects all

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Icon Description
Inserts a cell
Inserts a condition
Inserts a page break
Inserts a table
Inserts an image
Inserts a hypertext link
Opens the editing of the document header
Opens the editing of the document footer
Inserts the number of the active page inside the document
Inserts the total number of pages in the document
Opens the symbol window

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Page Layout

Icon Description
Selects the margin dimensions for the complete document or the current section
Changes the orientation of the current selection
Changes the number of columns in the current selection
Adds page, section or column breaks in the document
Displays the horizontal ruler

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