Learn about Contacts

CCH iFirm Contacts is a database in which you can record details on all your contacts, whether they are clients, prospects, leads, suppliers or groups. Contacts is a core module in CCH iFirm and all the other modules run off the Contacts database so it is important that you set up Contacts before you start using the other modules.

First, we recommend that you edit the Contacts settings to suit your business needs. You can then import your contact records from an accounting system. Alternatively, you can manually add contacts.

Once your contacts have been imported or added, when you click Contacts > All Contacts in the Firm menu, you will see a list of all your contacts.

Click a contact to open their profile, where you will see the following tabs:


What you can do


Access a summary of the contact's details, including their name, code and contact details


Access the jobs currently open for a client as well as their last 10 closed jobs, if you have Jobs & Billing

WIP & Billing

Access the client's Current WIP, Draft Invoices, Last 10 Finalised Invoices, Aged Receivables, and Recent Receivable Transactions, if you have Jobs & Billing


Access the contact's groups

Resourcing & Fees

Access the client's settings for resourcing, automatic fees, and chargeout rate, if you have Jobs & Billing

Dynamic fields

View the contact's dynamic fields

Notes & Reminders

Access the contact's notes and reminders


View your clients' documents.