Learn about CCH iFirm

CCH iFirm is a class-leading, integrated suite that has all the essential tools you need to run your accounting practice. CCH iFirm is the platform that all our products run on. Since you may be running one or more of these products soon, you first need to read the getting started with CCH iFirm pages (see below) to understand the key features of CCH iFirm. It is also worth reading the overview of the different CCH iFirm modules.

Getting started with CCH iFirm

Overview of the CCH iFirm modules


Enter your contact details once, and all of your CCH iFirm modules can use them.

Jobs & Billing

Gain sharp and efficient practice management that is designed around jobs, workflow and resourcing.


Set up easy access to your policies, procedures and workpapers, and manage the integration of your content with your firm's workflow.

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